Oliver Redl and Jeab Kamson Pimhinkong
abalone + pool = abapoolone...

Oliver Redl the inventor of abapoolone

His favorite game is abalone and he play it since 1990 but the BIG PROBLEM was that no one want to play against him, because from the last 300 games he wins 298 and the maximum that someone drop out of his marbles was 3.

So he start thinking about the regular abalone rules and a way that you don't have to drop out 6 marbles to win. Then he look to his pool table and recognize that the marbles are numbered and was inspirited to number also the abalone marbles. So the only way that you can win with less than 6 marbles is, that they are numbered and you count the numbers together of the marbles you drop out. So abapoolone was invented!

PS.: the name abapoolone was not only by the inspiration of the pool marbles, because the first abapoolone game board (with size of 1 squaremeter) was build from a original pool table and with original pool marbles (also with a lot of support of 3D printers).

the rules of abapoolone:

  • The rules to move the marbles are the same like in the abalone standard rules.
  • The game ends if there are 6 marbles out of the board from one colors.
  • At the end of the game you count the numbers of each color who dropped out.
  • The winner is who have the higher numbers / points
    (this one who drop out first 6 marbles is not the winner, he just end the game / so it is a fair chance, also for beginners of the abalone game).
  • And the different to the regular abalone is that you can also have a draw if both colors count the same numbers.
abapoolone game start

start of the game:

you put the black and white marbles from 1 to 14 on the board (you also can mix the numbers if you want to play the „jungle rules“) and then use the same moves like in the standard abalone rules.

abapoolone straight moves abalone

the abalone standard moves...

straight moves:

you can move with 1 marble straight (or all directions) 
you can move with 2 marbles straight
you can move with 3 marbles straight 

(you only can move once a time - then the other player can make one move) 

abapoolone side moves abalone

side moves: 

you can move with 1 marble in 6 directions
you can move with 2 marbles sideways
you can move with 3 marbles sideways 

(the maximum to move are 3 marbles in all directions)

abapoolone push moves abalone


you can push with 2 marbles 1
you can push with 3 marbles 2
you can push with 3 marbles 1 
(you always have to be minimum 1 marble stronger) 

impossible pushes: 

you can not push with 4 marbles 3 (because the maximum are 3 marbles to move)
you can not push other marbles if the hole behind is not empty
you can not push 1 against 1, 2 against 2 or 3 against 3

abapoolone 21-22

the difference to standard abalone...

how you can win the game by count of the numbers:

the lowest points you can reach with 6 marbles is 21 (1,2,3,4,5,6) and the the lowest points where you can win with 2 marbles is 22 (8,14).

sample: the black drop out 6 marbles who counts together 21 and end the game. The white just drop out 2 marbles but they count together 22 - so the white wins. 

abapoolone 69-60

how you can end and win the game:

the highest points you can reach with 6 marbles is 69 (9,10,11,12,13,14) and the opposite can have maximum 60 points with 5 marbles (10,11,12,13,14).

sample: in this game the black color end the game with 6 marbles and also win with 69 points. 

abapoolone draw

the draw:

the different to the standard abalone is that the game also can end in draw and no one wins... 

the abapoolone project...

to build a game board with a 3D printer and with original pool marbles and the parts from an pool table

in may 2021 we build a 1 square meter hexagon "king size" abapoolone game board table

this project was a little bigger as we thought before...

the 3D printing of the board: (sponsored by www.xoliwexr.com
61 hexagon pieces = 160 hours printing time (2,6 hour for each)
24 triangle endings = 40 hour printing time
360 connection pins = 20 hours printing time
14 white + 14 black marbles painting = 6 hours
modification the pool table to an abapoolone table = two days

some pictures from "making of abapoolone"

abapoolone - new abalone game version
abapoolone - new abalone game version
abapoolone - new abalone game version
abapoolone - new abalone game version
abapoolone - new abalone game version
abapoolone - new abalone game version
abapoolone - new abalone game version
abapoolone - new abalone game version
abapoolone - new abalone game version
abapoolone - new abalone game version
abapoolone - new abalone game version
abapoolone - new abalone game version
abapoolone - new abalone game version
abapoolone - new abalone game version

free downloads...

abalone online game free download
abalone online game

You can play the (standard) abalone also offline on your computer or tablet with this small JavaScript game.
try it online here

abapoolone user manual
abapoolone user manual

the user manual introduce how you can make abalone more interesting and easier for abalone beginners and also champions

abapoolone highscore paper to print
abapoolone gamescore paper

if you play a game, make the same like we do and use to write down the highscores on a paper 

abapoolone 3D printing download
3D printing STL files

they are for 57.2 mm pool marbles like we use and you need to print 61 hexagons, 24 triangles and 360 pins for an abapoolone game board

abapoolone - the world largest abalone game board
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